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Why I As A Young Person Will Not Vote Labour

Originally posted to CommentCentral.

Dear Jeremy Corbyn,

I remember when you were first elected Labour leader. I was attending an open day at Nottingham University, and it was a shock. Having followed the leadership battle as an A-Level Politics student at the time, I was highly sceptical of you. I had previously been sympathetic to the Labour Party, as under Ed Miliband; I wouldn't instantly dismiss what a Shadow Cabinet Minister would have to say. I felt as though I could have conversations with people – explaining why I am not a member of the Labour Party, and they would listen and to some extent, accept my response.

Over the past few years with you as a leader, this is no longer possible…

Your 2019 Manifesto is not for the real world. There are so many promises, so much spending. By targeting high wage earners, you will be doing more harm than good. These are individuals who have worked incredibly hard to provide for themselves and for their families – who will eventually leave the country and take their money with them because they'll be fed up of the state receiving their hard-earned cash. As a result, the debt will increase, and because of the promise by your party to pay for everything, there will be no money left in the bank.

The 2019 Labour Party Manifesto also raises several questions, where is personal responsibility?

How are people supposed to strive to be their best self? How are people supposed to aim for better, higher-paid jobs if they don't even get to enjoy their hard-earned money because most of their money goes to the state? Shouldn't a political party around election time provide ambition for people, not take it away? It seems like a lack of personality and likeability of your leadership is the compromise for promising so much free stuff.

How are people supposed to vote for a man who is responsible for the rise in antisemitism? One can say they are doing all they can to tackle the racism within the Labour Party.

Considering the conversation around antisemitism within the Labour Party came into the public eye since you became leader, it is bizarre to think steps have been taken to prevent racism within the party. There's only so many times one can be considered 'unlucky' to be surrounded by people who think hold racist views, I and many others do not think 51 times is unlucky. Instead, it points to what you believe– and that is genuinely terrifying.

The rise in antisemitism appears to have been the start of some members of the left thinking it is acceptable to be abusive towards others, who have different views to themselves. As a Young Conservative, scrolling through twitter, seeing screenshots of abusive messages sent by a minority from the Labour Party to anyone who disagrees with them – most notable Young Conservatives, is frightful. I used to think of the left being considerably tolerable of those who may hold a different view, but abusive, life-threatening messages are now becoming a norm.

The fact that despite being leader, you have yet to bat an eyelid at the rise in antisemitism within the party, and the intolerance of the left goes to show the type of leader you are. Someone incapable and a hypocrite.

At a time of deep divisions in the nation over Brexit (yes the B-word finally made an appearance), how is it possible that in a two-party system – one of the main parties doesn't have a standpoint? How are people supposed to reunite after being divided for what seems like an eternity? Admittedly, it must be a joke.

You pledging to renegotiate a deal and then take it 'back to the people' just leaves room for more delay and divide. It's about time the country is lead by someone (Boris Johnson, obviously), who believes in what they are campaigning for.

Unlike you Mr Corbyn… Or have you forgotten about those 30 years you spent fighting for the UK to leave the European Union??? Not only are you confusing and hypocritical, but the people of the United Kingdom deserve so much better.

The hypocrisy that you represent doesn't stop at Brexit. Instead, it carries onto dictating what parents chose is best for their child. Talk by Labour to abolish private schools and to be against the 1% is laughable – considering your own attendance to a private school and being one of the privileged few who he deems to be so evil. What right do you and your shadow cabinet have to abolish private schools? If a parent//family wants and can afford to send their child/ren somewhere to receive the best education, then they should be able to, as it is their right to do so – it is not the right of the state to dictate how a child is educated. By abolishing private schools, it will put a further strain on the current education system, take away personal ambition and a sense of achievement and prevent people from striving for greatness.

Taking away a sense of achievement is something that will occur by the promise of abolishing tuition fees. Those who go to University are aware that it is a loan, yet it doesn't affect our lives, later on, so we are still able to take out a mortgage. You claim the Labour Party is the party for the many, not the few – yet by abolition tuition fees, it's those from poorer backgrounds that will be harmed (slightly ironic). Furthermore, abolition tuition fees will not only put a strain on higher education, as those who don't have anything to do will choose to go 'just because it is free' but will also devalue a person's degree.

Being accepted to University is an achievement. Graduating University after putting in lots of hard work and gaining a high paid job, in a field of your choice is an achievement. So why would you want to take that away? Is it because the Conservative Party are the party of aspiration, and because of how good a job they're doing – there's no space for the Labour Party?

Or is it because you think students will fall for your promise, which undoubtedly in a few months, you will do a U-turn? Abolition tuition fees was a promise made in the 2017 General Election, yet a few months later you went back on your word. You claim to be different from other politicians, yet the evidence with you playing political point-scoring with students goes to show you are no different.

Jeremy Corbyn, you have taken the Labour Party so far into the political wilderness, the next person to lead the party will have to be exceptionally brilliant, energetic, charismatic, charming and capable of riding the party of its antisemites.

Best wishes,


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