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Michelle Obama: Becoming

‘Becoming’ was an amazing read, one which I will read from time to time and a book which was gifted to me because a friend thought it would be beneficial for me to read during my final year at University. I personally have found it a marvelous and powerful read and I would encourage everyone to read it because it’s not political, Michelle Obama does a wonderful job of writing about the challenges she faced and overcoming those. The reason why I would say its for  anyone to read is because I found it extremely encouraging; almost as though Michelle Obama was highlighting that “yes, you will come across challenges however you can overcome them.”

I found this auto-biography to be very similar to a diary entry; a unique insight into the life of Michelle Obama, how she became who she is, from growing up on the Chicago’s South Side to attending America’s top universities (Princeton University and then Harvard Law) and then a reflection on her time as First Lady from 2008 to 2016, as well as with everything in between!

“There are truths we face and truths we ignore.”

It’s also a read I would highly recommend because Michelle Obama talks about issues in society which are not given any light to, despite knowing the problems are there such as child obesity in America. Michelle Obama using her time as First Lady to begin to highlight the problem, the cause (not eating enough fruit and vegetables because they’re more expensive than fast food) and then getting Congress and corporations to put the wheels in motion to combat it really shows people do care and want to make changes, just a little encouragement is required. 

“Do we settle for the world as it is, or do we work for the world as it should be?”

‘Becoming’ is about finding your feet in the world, taking the opportunities you have on your journey and using it to build the better world we all want to see and live in. 

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