Academic Work

I take a lot of pride in my academic work and I thrive on it. In this section I will share with you my top pieces of academic work. The pieces range from standard essays to posters to essays written in creative ways.


Essay from The Politics of Nationalism

Essay Title: ‘The importance of mythologies in the 21st Century: an anti-modernists perspective that the reason why globalisation has not taken over is because of the power of mythologies.’

Mark: 88%

This assignment has been written in the form of an online opinion piece from an anti-modernist’s perspective. The views used in this assignment do not reflect my own personal views.

When you think of a mythology, you think back to being a small child, and being told tale about “the heroic past” of a communities history which has been constructed to highlight “varying degrees of documented fact and political myth, stressing elements of romance [and] heroism” (Smith, 1995, p.63). It filled you with pride, comfort, strength and a sense of ‘I can achieve anything.’ As you got older and faced various challenges in life, mythologies have comforted you (Mark, 2018) and as you celebrate Patron Saint Days such as St Georges Day, Andersons ‘Theory of the Imagined Community’ is no longer a theory, but a feeling because the sense of pride you get from nationalism is big, but not as big as having a connection with the soul of your Motherland.