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Academic Work

I take a lot of pride in my academic work and I thrive on it. In this section I will share with you my top pieces of academic work. The pieces range from standard essays to posters to essays written in creative ways.

Academic Work: Text
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Notable Academic Work

Academic Work: Projects

British Hindu Voters and the Conservative Party: A Case Study on Leicester East

Bachelor of Arts Dissertation

My BA Dissertation which has really begun my academic journey, looking at British Hindu voting behaviour. 

For this particular research, I focused on the 2019 General Election, as this was written in the 2019/20 Academic Year.

Essay Title: 'The importance of mythologies in the 21st Century: An anti-modernists perspective that the reason why globalisation has not taken over yet is because of the power of mythologies.'

Essay from my Bachelors Degree

An essay I wrote which challenged my own ideas, in the format of an online opinion piece.

Is British Indian A Redundant Term? A Case Study on Indians in England.

Masters Dissertation

A dissertation looking into the factors that help one to identify what their identity is; including age, generation, location and voting behaviour.

I'm proud that this Dissertation was published in The Mallard from January to May 2022.

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