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Student Experience at York University

This is a short post about my experience so far as being a student at York University. It’s the end of Week 5 and it has been a crazy start to the term, with no thanks to COVID-19. The measures the university has put in place to keep students and staff protected is very impressive from hand sanitizing stations in every building and the provision of wipes to use before and after using a workstation. Keeping staff and students safe from COVID-19 is a top priority.

I chose the University of York to do my Masters at because the university is a very well respected institution and you are guaranteed to be taught by the best. For my course - Political Theory, I had a wide range of modules to choose from, so I have been able to tailor my further education to my ‘taste.’ Lecturers are friendly and the course definitely isn't boring, as you are challenged week in, week out.

A second reason I chose York was due to the wide range of societies available. From my previous university, I had learnt society involvement was key to getting the most out of university. Over the summer, I had done my research on the societies available at York and there is a wide variety (check it out for yourself!) A few of the societies I have joined cover a few of my interests from; the Artificial Intelligence Society to the Politics Society to The Lemon Press. Joining a variety of societies enables you to firstly make new friends and you get offers to experience different things, and even take up some responsibility as it gives you a really good work/life/social balance!

York has so many incredible opportunities for students and at a time with a lot of uncertainty, the university has so many measures in place to ensure students still get the most out of their time here.

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