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Harry and Meghan leaving the Royal Family

This was originally posted on CommentCentral.

Harry and Meghan have been on a whirlwind of an adventure! I mean, look at their family life. Getting engaged, married and then a year later, welcoming the birth of their baby boy! 

So much has happened in such a short space of time, so the news announced on the 8th January 2020 that they would be stepping back in their roles as Royals, and become 'financially independent' is rather shocking, and for some may be slightly uncomfortable.

There is a lot of speculation as to why they have decided to step back. I think they have made this decision because Meghan has not adjusted to Royal Life and feels she has not been treated fairly. 

When Kate married William, she took up the role graciously. She did not attempt to radically reform the Royal Family, sticking to traditions and not tearing William away from this family, like Meghan appears to have done.

Another view perhaps as to why they have made the decision is to use their status, privilege and power for more charity work, allowing them to be more outspoken because currently, they feel restricted. The feminist ideology has been used by the 'left' and the 'woke' to mean a dislike of men instead of fighting for equal right for women so, Meghan being a self-proclaimed 'feminist' maybe is not the right look for a Royal?

Many of Meghan's friends have been coming out in support. Jameela Jamil was tweeting ", and that folks is what power looks like". Furthermore, journalist Maria Shriver saying "what I take away is that they are stepping up in their own lives, in a way that works for them. They want to make their way." The only problem with the 'power' move and 'making their way' is both Harry and Meghan already have status. By trying to make it their way would be to do something extraordinary. It would also be beneficial to the world – rather than lecturing us all on why we need to not go on as many flights because of climate change, despite them taking private jets to go on holiday.

Depending on your view of Piers Morgan, his reaction on the Daily Mail is either absolutely absurd and harsh or outright brilliant. I fall under the latter of the two opinions. The reason why I agree with Piers Morgan? He tells the truth, he doesn't sugar coat it – he says things as they are.

His criticism of Meghan and Harry ranges from calling them "super woke celebrities" and picking up on the fact they have "the glitz, the glamour, the splendour and the stupendous wealth…they just don't want to have actually to earn it." Is Piers Morgan wrong? Absolutely not, just because they're stepping back, they're still going to be costing the taxpayer millions to pay for their security.

The worst thing about #Megxit is the announcement being published on social media – not even notifying the Royal Family or even the Queen about their decision. In this historic decision by Harry and Meghan, they have shown no respect to the Queen – someone who for the past six decades has served the country phenomenally!

Whatever the resolution from this being orchestrated by Meghan, it's going to leave a split in the Royal Family and potentially the start of the beginning of the end.

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